Meghan Hughes

Meghan has almost a decade of public relations experience, having worked with a broad range of consumer tech clients on both coasts including Toshiba, Sony, Mio GPS and Google (Enterprise Apps, Apps for Edu., Android, Mobile, Maps and Search).

Meghan’s primary interests are in the consumer, gaming and enterprise tech worlds fittingly centering around mobile experiences. She’s particularly passionate about new gadgets, geo-location advancements, social networking and mobile advertising platforms.

In her spare time, Meghan works with SF Mobile team to create networking events each quarter for the Valley's leading mobile experts. These events have led to VC funding for companies speaking at the event as well as partnerships between some speakers.

She is currently an independent consultant for mobile startups helping these companies develop their communications strategy, corporate messaging, product launches and social media campaigns. In addition, she works with these companies on their external communications to create videos, update websites, and host private events. Prior to consulting, Meghan held positions at Outcast Communications, Cutline Communications and Text 100 where she focused on planning and executing product launches, developer advocacy programs, and message development. And as a lover of all things mobile, she can be found with a few different devices testing out the latest apps.