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It feels so good to smoke a blunt after a tiring day at work. While there is no side-effect to it, you might run into trouble if your employer asks you to take a drug test. The tetrahydrocannabinol or TCH in the cannabis plant will surface on a drug test any time for those who don't know. The good news is there are safe and effective ways to detoxify the THC body systems to ensure that any random drug check returns free and clear.

Because cannabis and its psychoactive ingredients are not like other herbal supplements that are digested and removed within a few days of their intake, detoxifying the body from pot can be quite difficult as many of the active compounds are retained in the nervous system and fat cells for longer periods of time.

There is no fixed amount of time, according to physicians, that marijuana will stay in your body. Variables such as usage level, BMI, metabolism, and exercise intensity are all variables that can affect the amount of time marijuana can stay with you.

Monkey Whizz has the right formula for fooling virtually every simple laboratory test. In addition, in its quest to reproduce authentic urine, the company is very committed-it is one of the brands that grows the same bacteria found in real human pee.

Mega Clean Detox is so successful that the solution not only hides the urine's contaminants but also replaces them with essential minerals found in nutrients in the environment. This process ensures that your urine looks entirely normal and there is no scope for any suspicion or double-check.

This detox system includes a very strong mixture of thiamine, ginseng, fruit fiber, thistle, potassium, B6 and B12, calcium, Vitamin A & D, and much more. Usually, Mega Clean is required for frequent and heavy smokers of weed and people weighing over 200lbs. It is also designed specifically for use in short-term drug testing.

For people with 30 + BMI and high body fat content, Mega Clean is recommended. Because your natural metabolism is very sluggish at that amount of BMI, and so many detox drinks won't work for you. This detox method is effective because it packs a bigger punch of ingredients meant to work faster than other options of detox drinks.

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Toxin Rid is an organic combination of plants, vitamins, and minerals that contains no ingredients, fillers, or synthetics from animals. When preparation for a drug test, it is intended to detoxify the body of drug toxins.