Mega DJ


"Hi.. my name is Mega". --------------------------------------------------------------------

It has been 17 years since i was in junior high school that my heart goes to the children. I love being here with them, the lovely children that i have to help them to grow in beauty.

There are places that i felt just like their mom. They need to be loved and cherished, appreciated and valued, noticed, enjoyed and admired. Yeap!! They are my foster children. Without any missing, i should attend to these as well.

In different time, i used to go to radio station for some hours program i must be announce to people especially in Indonesia.

As well as my other activities, i loved to cook.. create new design and taste. I hope when the opportunity is come you could have a try to :)

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of over whelming obstacles.

Finally, knowing my life calling is a must as like as our pathway to go through the directions.

I love my life, i love being loved by them and whatever i do, i'll do it WELL. My time is far too valuable to waste.

Happy day for you and me!!

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