Teresa Carr

West Virginia

I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, traditional artist, and videographer. I live in Charleston, West Virginia. I began creating art at an early age before I started school. I attended Santa Monica College studying graphic design for three years. Later, I attend the International Academy of Design & Technology at Tampa in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Oh, about design. I've been so fascinated by art & design for as long as I can remember. OK, I was born to draw. My main love has always been drawing and illustration. I even took a class in architecture and printmaking. I learned all I could. Then I went to Nashville, Tennessee and got into publication and marketing. I see myself as an artist with an eclectic style, minimal, and spiritual. I like being serious and have fun. I'm extremely quite, but my work speaks loud. I see life as one big canvas. Art imitates life. Most of all I stay flexible and take chances with my creativity. I recommend, Thinkertoys, as a must read for all designers. My favorite famous artists/designers are David Carson & Chuck Close.

When I not creating and working in graphic design, I raise chickens and a garden and small orchard. In my sparetime I love to go mountain biking, camping, and read. I'm also a Christian and Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life. I'm a vegetarian and love making vegetarian-style pizza. I have an addiction to onion rings. Things I like are my family. prayer & meditation time. keeping it simple. books. warm choco-chai tea lattes & nice soft pillows. rolly poly puppies. natural draft root beer. small wooden sheds with rustic furniture. sky gazing.

I collect sketchbooks and journals. All my ideas, thoughts, sketches, quotes, scripture references, scrap items and research goes into all of them. I collect antiques.

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