Mega Greens


Megagreens is the official UK stockist of Morlife products, an Australian owned and operated company located on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland.
Morlife was founded by Dr Warren Stewart who has been actively involved in research and nutrition for over 25 years.

It has been his personal goal to find a more natural way to increase wellness by simply improving nutritional intake.
Morlife believes in achieving wellness through nutrition, by boosting the nutritional power of the foods we eat everyday by incorporating the goodness of 'superfoods' and 'functional foods'.

For nearly ten years, Morlife has continued to create Functional Foods that not only taste great and contain a high content of nutrient dense superfoods, but are also affordable, convenient, and easy to consume and prepare.
Morlife operates in the Functional Food market that is described as: 'food and beverages that provide a benefit beyond basic nutrition'.
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