Mega Lawyers

Attorney Organization in Ridgeland, Mississippi

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Mega Lawyers is an Organization for the top attorneys in the nation. In fact less than 10% of the Attorneys in the United States are allowed to be members. To put it plain and simple Mega Lawyers is a group of lawyers that get Mega Results for their Clients.

It is a membership organization that is composed of less than 10% of the lawyers in the United States. Mega Lawyers use a lengthy and thorough multi phase vetting process to select the top candidates to offer membership to.

And what makes Mega Lawyers different from other attorney rating systems, is the selection process is not driven by the recommendations and endorsements from other lawyers. Instead Mega Lawyers considers many factors but focus on Client Satisfaction, professionalism and Results as an Attorney.

Also, Mega Lawyers has the Mega Lawyers Young Gun membership which is only offered to promising young attorneys under the age of 30 or who has been practicing law less than 7 years.

Mega Lawyers is a prestigious organization, in that it is a Division of the American Jurist Institute which is a third party consumer driven organization that identifies and promote excellence in the legal profession for years.