Meg O'Rourke

Meg O'Rourke

About me

I’m Meg. I'm a graphic designer who has been in the advertising and creative industry for umpteen years. I'm currently studying at Billy Blue hoping to learn some of the technical aspects of my profession that I feel have been eluding me. And to generally reignite my passion for everything to do with Design. So far, my aspirations are being met!

Although there's plenty to be learnt and creating things like a blog are fairly foreign for me, I can tell I've made the best decision. The lecturers are awesome and all have real experience in their fields and are generous with their time and knowledge. All the other students are really keen and passionate too which is especially motivating.

I'm nearly finished the second trimester and although it's been more difficult than I imagined (I'm also juggling work at an architectural practice) I'm looking forward to the next few months.

So, I'll be interested to see if anybody reads this space. It's all a bit touch and go. But if you're here, I'll be trying to link up my two of my other accounts. (This is part of an assessment!) You can say hello to me there too. Just click on the link to either Instagram, post a pic or tweet me with some of your news. Any feedback is most welcome. Let me know if I'm doing this right or wrong.