Hello, My name is Lucario and i'm a british fictionkin whose current interests are Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Undertale and Danganronpa, amongst other things.

I'm 13 years old and tend to worry about people thinking i'm immature, As well as this, I tend to say things without thinking, so please be aware of this.

My preferred pronouns are They/Them (i'm currently questioning my gender identity) but if you're more comfortable with it i don't mind He/Him pronouns.

I have Mild aspergers and dyxpraxia (Professionally diagnosed) so don't follow if you're uncomfortable with that.

Please read my kinlist after reading this, which is linked at the bottom.

I have a few things that i'm really uncomfortable with, so please tag it:

*(REALLY IMPORTANT) Please tag mentions of Toriel's Death as i have a soul bond with them (Look it up) and hearing their death mentioned freaks me out a lot.

*Dead Bodies (IRL ONLY, Cartoon gore is fine)

For some reason my link is gone so here's the link to my kinlist