Megan M


My lifestyle blog is dedicated to living simply, beautifully, and even a little adventurously wherever you are– metropolitan contiguity or removed rural recreation destination!

I’m Megan. I’m currently a stay-at-home-parent, mom to two beautiful boys. Writing, wearing, and weekend escaping– these are some of my favorite things. We call the Wasatch mountains home by way of Oregon, Utah and most recently Virginia. I earned my Master’s Degree in American Studies at The George Washington University in 2010 and then shifted gears to raise our children.

I am a classic type A extrovert. Exuberant, garrulous, and up for any adventure or wordplay!

A little bit about some of my passions. I love the art of expression through dress. I truly think that dress is art– wearable, workable, moveable art. I love to look at someone who has it going on in the style department! Sometimes the formula can be as simple as a striped shirt and perfectly ripped skinny jeans. Sometimes what we all need is a little red lip to brighten the mood. Sometimes it means an embellished accessory or bright pop of color.

If I really traced my style story back I’d laughingly tell you about a shirt I had in kindergarten. Not just any shirt, a kelly green sweatshirt featuring beautiful, embroidered, flowering sweet peas. (Who am I to question my five-year-old aesthetic!) Like any kid, I stained the shirt with ketchup one night and was devastated when my mom told me she probably wouldn’t be able to get the stain out. Later, long after bedtime, I crept out of my covers, grabbed the shirt from my dirty clothes hamper, and licked at that ketchup stain until it was “removed” in my estimation and softly snuck back to bed. Mission accomplished.

Another of my passions is family dinner. After our children were born, I realized that making Greek salads (while delicious) three times a week was not going to cut it in the dinner department. I had a rotating menu of pad thai, teriyaki chicken, and said salad which we were pretty much burnt out on. Every week it was a struggle to think-up and add new meals to my repertoire.

Through some rigorous research by my brother-in-law (he’s an economist with mad skills) and some cajoling from my sister (she’s always been a Goddess in the kitchen), we were introduced to The Six O’Clock Scramble. This meal planning service features five recipes a week of quick, simple, and delicious food for all busy parent types. We su