Megan McCooey

Boardman, OH.

I grew up in New England... close to the beach, eating seafood straight from the womb. I typically can't go to a restaurant without ordering some variation of it and when you get me back to my stomping grounds, I am pretty much out of control. My husband actually thinks it's an addiction. LOL! I currently live in North Carolina with my husband and our babies: our tortious shell & calico Cassi, our two wonderful rescues, Bailey & Madison and our newest edition, our papillion, Emma, where I work as an adult probation & parole officer.

Reading is one of the things that got me to where I am today. I know that may sound crazy, but if you ask the small group of friends who have known me since birth, they will attest to this as well. When I was young I latched onto reading as an outlet and somehow it became just that. So while my walls were closing in, the screaming was growing louder, and the pain became more visible, I turned to my books and they SAVED MY LIFE! I think it was the idea that I could connect to the characters and pretend to be someone else...somewhere else, anywhere but in my own life. Over time this avid love for reading became like a mentor who never stopped showing me that I could have more, that I deserved more...My love for reading was something I both flaunted as well as hid over the years. It truly is my dirty little vice, and unless you're an avid reader, it's not always easy to understand -a love for...books? YES! Today I would scream it from my rooftop... I LOVE TO READ!!

Ahhh, so now that we have deduced that I am crazy about books, let me tell you I have an eclectic taste when it comes to reading and I can go from a YA novel to Dean Koontz, to A Dog's purpose, to paranormal, all in a day's time... I tend to get wrapped up in characters in the books I enjoy, and I hate to see a good book end, which is why I looove series.

As for my writing, I love to write YA. I dabble in other things, but I thoroughly enjoy this genre both in terms of reading and writing. My first novel, Harvest Moon is the first book in the Harvest Series and I hope the first of many more books to come.

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