Megan Neves

Chattanooga, Tn

Her students call her Ms. Megan. She's an exceptional education teacher with the coolest kids you will ever meet. She has been teaching for five years.

Her team calls her Ms. Neves. She's the coach of a First Lego League Robotics Team. It's amazing what a group of ten students can do in four months with legos and a computer.

Her children call her Mama. She has a toddler, who is the complete opposite of her sister; she's calm, cool, and collected. She has an eleven year old daughter who is the sweetest, most creative, most challenging child on the face of the planet.

Her mom and dad call her Sweet Pea and Pumpkin, respectively.

Her brother and sister in law call her Meg.

Her cats call her, well, we're not sure. But, she has five of them.

Others know her as artistic, paitent, loving, and kind.

But as for you, you can just call her Megan. I think she would like that.

  • Work
    • Exceptional Ed teacher
  • Education
    • Masters in Special Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology