Megan Thomas

Videographer, Photographer, and Writer in Nashville, TN

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A Nashville based videographer, Megan Thomas specializes in various music video genres and documentary style storytelling. She utilizes color, light, in camera framing, and exciting visuals to tell compelling stories. Her video production grabs the viewers’ attention aesthetically and connects to people by a range of messages and emotions.

Originally from north Mississippi, she took up photography as a hobby for several years before pursuing it further. In 2012, she attended Northeast Mississippi Community College where she learned the core principles of composition and design then received her Associates Degree in Photography. Wanting to jump into something more creative, she moved to Nashville in 2016. She attended Nossi College of Art to sharpen her storytelling skills and learn all the technical aspects that go into video making. In 2019, she earned her Bachelors Degree in Film and Videography.

Megan takes all the tips and tricks she’s picked up from the professionals working in the industry and applies them to her work. She strives to portray stories, ideas, emotions, and events in the most captivating and moving ways possible. The goal is to leave a lasting impression, inform viewers, and connect others through her short videos and films.