Megan Butler

Equestrians and education, where two worlds meet.

As an equine enthusiast for over 30 years, I have developed the ability to listen to my horse’s whispers, to know their thoughts and to care for their souls.

There are no bad horses, just ones that have not been heard. By taking the time to hear our horses, we can develop a true partnership with them.

What we learn from horses can help us in the rest of our lives. Patience, dedication and understanding go a long way with friends, family and colleagues alike.

Hearing is about watching, feeling and opening your mind to another person or creature, as we all speak volumes in between our words. When you take the time to hear what is being said to you, a new level of understand can exist.

Training a horse is about developing a relationship, an understanding and a bond with your equine partner. At times, it’s frustrating and at times it can be painful. Though, at the end it is about the journey you have taken. Each time you get on, a new memory and a new adventure develops the relationship, and the greater the trust and friendship you develop.

Developing a relationship with a creature that doesn’t have to like you is a greatest reward in life. Taking what I have learned in the barn into my everyday life made it the ultimate classroom. Being able to take these skills into my career to help develop those around me, has made it the greatest journey a life could take. I feel so blessed.

Don’t forget to live, don’t forget to love, and always remember to forgive.