Megan Chua


My name is Megan but you can call me Meg~!
I live in Germany and am 18 years old.

I love history, chemistry, art, English and Japanese. Although I can't speak or understand Japanese quite yet. And I'm a little Anime-addict^^ Those are where I get my inspiration for writing stories or/ and poems since that also is one thing that my passion is burning for.

And yes, I still go to school. I read a lot as well and I guess that also adds up to the inspiration I get to write my stories. I write a lot of fan fiction that refers to anime because since I'm some kind of addict I watch quite many but still not too much of course; I still need to concentrate for school after all. But I write and draw a lot also because English and art are my main courses at school.

What I really like as well is music and I can listen to basically everything but what I love most is country and R&B music. Another big section of life where I get my inspiration from.

And by the way I'm not German; I'm Asian (but unfortunately not Japanese^^). I'm like 3/4 Chinese and 1/4 Thai but I can't say that this is accurate. I only know I'm a lot more Chinese than Thai. But whatever Asian is Asian ;p

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