Megan Dickson

"Jack of all trades, master of none." Or should the saying be "Jack of all trades is the master". They used to say in our field to be the best you needed to master one thing. That is not the case any more. Now a days hybrids is what we are. We are this because to get the full accomplished project done and done correctly you need to understand and interact with all elements of what goes into each piece to really come up with the best solution and great outcome with stellar results.

My passion lies in IA and UX with a kick-ass design to back it up. I have 6 years extensive senior level experience in a vast amount of industries including, technology, healthcare, education and consumer. I have superior client facing experience and understand what it takes to get the job done right. I also implement a solid knowledge of project management as well, leading teams to meet deadlines with successful victories. I have participated in increasing revenues and building brands that break through the clutter and engage the targeted audience. I successfully drive planning, strategy, design, development, execution and management within many industries. I have a proven track record of leading the team to meet objectives and exceed customer's expectations, while achieving breakthrough results with solid, targeted design and communication skills. On a daily basis I lead cross-functional projects to reach objectives and exceed expectations, while identifying processes for continuous improvement and implementation for effective solutions.

I have impeccable integrity and work ethic ready to take on new initiatives and create wicked, awesome design experiences.