Dr. Victor Frankenstein

I grew up in Geneva. I had a good life, with loving parents and siblings who supported me. As a boy I had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge especially knowledge about the sciences. I constantly had my nose in the ancient books of alchemists such as Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelesus, and Albertus Magnus. Although my father told me to stop reading these books because they were outdated and could teach me nothing, I could not resist. Later my passion for knowledge would lead me to University of Ingltsadt where I learned about modern science and where the idea of "life" would first begin and forever stay with me. This obession lead me to create an unthinkable monster, something of disgust and hatred but also something strangely beautiful. This monster would kill the innocent people that I love, my family, my youngest brother William, my wife, and my best friend. How could I create something that would do such a thing? And yet I am so ashamed of my own creation I can not even tell people the truth. I shamefully let Justine take the blame the murder of William even though I knew that my actions I knew were partly the reason that he died. Because it was only because of my deathly creation that William is even dead in the first place. I can feel nothing but guilt and sorrow. Am I really nothing but a mad scientist who let his thirst of knowledge get the best of him? None the less, I am writing on my way to the North, in search of Frankenstein. I will end his life so he can no longer do harm, I created him and now I must destroy him as well.

-Dr. Victor Frankenstein