Megan Mara

Small Business Owner, Teacher, and Artist in Smyrna, Tennessee

Do you want to...

Become a better, more aware and confident lover?

Become authentically healthy and balanced?

Experience more intimacy and pleasure than you can now imagine?

Learn how to attract your soul partner?

Overcome frustrating sexual difficulties with joy and ease?

Find sexual wholeness and liberate yourself from past sexual/emotional wounding?

Restore balance and harmony to your life, in spite of a stressful, hectic lifestyle?

Achieve deeper intimacy and loving connection in relationship?

Tap into a sacred dimension to sexual loving?

Discover a path of spiritual growth and self-realization that celebrates both body and spirit?

Learn how to always excite your partner?

Become more joyful, creative, radiant, and open-hearted?

Enhance your sexual health and enjoy intimacy?

Relieve the sense that there's "something missing" in your relationship or "there must be something more"?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then you'll enjoy my private Tantra sessions!

**I work with men and women; sessions average 2 hours.

**I will teach Tantra energy healing and wellness.

(If you want to be trained in the Tantric Arts I highly recommend, Tantra Wellness Training at