Graduate Student in Seattle, Washington

Megan SADLER is an aspiring art historian (and current graduate student in the Division of Art History at the University of Washington). She is interested in late imperial Chinese court art and culture.

Megan has recently re-located to the States after several years in China and Taiwan. Most recently, she was in beautiful Hangzhou the China Academy of Art and Zhejiang Art Museum.

A proud dilettante, Megan dabbles in yoga, film photography, apartment gardening, calligraphy, and practicing Swedish (after years of work, she is also fluent in Mandarin, though still working on Manchu, and forgetting Spanish).

Megan is in the process of compiling and digitizing her notes and bibliographies to make a Chinese art wiki, which pushes her into realms of web development previously unexplored. Click "Hire Me" if this project intrigues you.