Megan Bowe

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

I love digging into the details of strategy, planning, development, and rollout. I've worked with learning technology companies, major publishers, and large organizations to create tools that uniquely meet user needs and have data-driven feedback loops, to iterate smarter and faster. I work on projects bringing learning, portability of data, and analytics together. Working with Knewton, I designed integration strategies to bring adaptivity into and content data out of various learning applications and content management systems. With Rustici Software, helped to launch the Experience API (xAPI) and worked with early adopters. I co-created Up to All of Us, a community with an annual gathering that focuses on advancing the intersections between learning, design and technology. Through Connections Forum, I also put on xAPI camp events across North America. I do strategy for technology, data, learning, and systems.

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