Megan Bryant

Megan is the founder of Idaho's first and only comedy festival, Idaho Laugh Fest. She manages her own improv troupe, Chicks n' Giggles, and is an amateur stand-up comic. Several times a year she hosts fundraisers for local non-profits under the name Hilarity for Charity.

For the past 3+ years, Megan has been a Project Manager, overseeing $7 Million in federal grant budgets for marketing and recruitment campaigns for volunteer firefighters with clients in Illinois and California.

Additionally, she faciliates corporate training events, emcees galas, and fills public speaking roles in a myriad of industries.

Megan is a mother of 2.3 kids and has managed to keep her husband for 13 years so far.

Recently Megan was honored as a recipient of the Idaho Business Review's prestigious "Accomplished Under 40" award.