Megan Castillo


Hi :) I'm Megan Castillo from Philippines. I love to write stuffs and I blog a lot. I'm not an addict fan of 1D but I do love them & support them til the end. I'm often describe as funny and caring (aheem) I love to meet new people and talk to them. I have dreams that I want to achive someday. Such as meet 5/5 of One Direction, graduate in college and visit England. I have a huge crush on Niall Horan. And I've been in love with Justin Bieber for four years. But recently I'm beginning to dislike him, because he change in a bad way. I think. I love to eat and laugh. I also read tons of books if I have the free time or if ever my mood is right. I'm not a racist but I don't like men from India. (Sorry for not sorry). I HATE perverted horny guys So enjoy my ...uh.. profile :) God Bless! xx

  • Work
    • Private Assistant of Niall James Horan
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    • Private