Megan Cranitch

Sales Administrator in Gold Coast, Australia

Megan Cranitch

Sales Administrator in Gold Coast, Australia

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I am a Sales Administrator currently living in Gold Coast, Australia. Real Estate Sales

My role includes

Office Administrator

Property Management

Business Development

Update and monitor social media sites on a regular basis

Monitor competitor activity and content online and in social arena

Write blogs, articles and posts that are relevant and will appeal to social media users

Respond to social media posts and develop discussions

Search for posts, news and articles that will interest site visitors

Educate other staff on the use of social media and promote its use

Develop strategies to increase engagement on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin

Identify new opportunities and different social media channels over time

Be aware of key issues that are gaining traction on all social media channels and leverage against these

Report to Principal on a daily basis

Liaise with sales staff to assist with marketing of properties

Manage Social Media / internet presence of the business

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