Megan Ellis

Student in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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Hey! I’m Megan and here are some quick things about me! I’ve grown up a part of the equestrian world and really enjoy riding as well as just spending days around the farm as a way to relax. I also love music and I am a vocalist in the university’s Symphonic Choir. I’m a current 3rd-year student majoring in Biological Science at the University of Guelph and I love the way this program has given me the ability to deepen my knowledge and discover what interests me through taking a wide variety of courses in different disciplines. Through the years I’ve discovered the field of science that interests me most would have to be clinical medicine. I think being able to observe the real world of our biological systems in action and the differing effects of treatment strategies on individual patients is incredibly interesting. This field is something quite close to me because something not many people know about me is that I have a rare autoimmune disease called p-Anca Microscopic Polyangiitis Vasculitis. I have been able to see the effect this illness has had on the lives of me and others with my same or a similar condition over the past 5 years since my diagnosis and have kept up with the research being done in the field surrounding my illness, and I find it quite interesting to learn about. All of this being said, I believe that I would have to say my nephrologist Dr. Michael Walsh has inspired me in the science world to pursue a possible career in patient care or even research in the future if I were to go on to get another degree. He is still quite early in his career and the steps he has taken to make the treatment of vasculitis more widely known and available and the strides he has taken to improve treatments through his clinical studies is remarkable and so important to us with the disease.

My current career goal is set on being a nuclear medicine technologist as I feel that I would be best suited to a job in patient care and I find nuclear medicine and the technology behind it as well as other diagnostic imaging quite interesting.

I decided to use this opportunity to spread awareness about Vasculitis so if you click the link at the top you'll be taken to their website to learn more!