Rei Ryugazaki

{ general info about this account }

admin is twitter user: @nanasuokas

-Yesss you can rp with me! (don't be shy, let's talk!) :)

• I'm a detailed Free! rper

• Multiverse account

• Multishipper all around

• nsfw/rp18+, angst and AUs are all fine with me.

• plot driven rp is preferable

• DMs are okay

• I also rp as Samezuka's emotional sweetheart, Rin @TsunSharkPrince (if you're interested)

If there's really anything you'd like to know about me or my rp style as Rei, feel free to talk to me on either this account or the one listed above!

Replies may take me a while depending on time zones or other life events like school but I always make the time to reply, don't worry.

( my time zone: GMT -8/ pacific time )