Megan Elaine De Long

Carlsbad, NM

I find myself to be very diverse in my quest for achievement and self gratification. Tenacious at times and then rather relaxed in others, yet I still strive to have a sense of accomplishment. I enjoy having taken part in a social or civic event even if I am a small contribution to the whole. Relaxation for me comes at the point of my achievement in self goals with no reserve or restrictions, and I become relentless in their pursuit.
I am at peace with nature in all aspects never wishing to invade a space where I do not belong and this at times will inhibit me with frustrations which I am learning to overcome. Knowing that this is a life long endeavor I will continue to be in the learning process I carry on .
I worked at Pizza Inn for two summers.(2006-2007) Walgreens for three years; two of those years as a cashier and one year of a register pharmacy tech. (2009 - 2012) I enjoyed my jobs and took the best out of them as possible.
My goals in life are to get my degree in Radiology as a technician and one day to start a family. I enjoy singing and writing songs. It may not be a strong hobby but I have fun doing it. I also enjoy photography. The simply things in life are really what matter, and to keep them, I take pictures of them.
I am a very simple person to be honest; but I am a girl with big dreams and hopes to become successful. I am a very warm hearted person and very easy to get along with. I am very honest and try my hardest at everything I do.