Megan Fitzgerald

Laughing. One of the few moments we are truly ourselves. Imagine your success being based on being the person you are in an unadulterated, authentic moment of laughter.

I help people uncover that person full of energy, passion and desire to make a difference. I help them articulate their unique value with powerful, differentiating words.

I teach them how to have meaningful conversations on and offline about the impact their unique value can make in organizations and the world.

I do this to help people become highly visible, sought after and succeed overseas. Thriving in jobs aligned with their strengths and global lifestyle, my clients are recognized and well compensated for the value they create.

With 20 years experience in career and business development in 45+ countries, I've helped 1000s of professionals and executives build careers abroad, just as I have done for myself. Named a top 50 personal branding consultant, I've been featured in Fortune, CNN, Financial Times and WSJ online.

Next time you laugh, think of what could be.