Megan S. Gilmore

Megan S. Gilmore I'm a Private Pilot, a current Adventurer,Screenwriter & Ham Radio Operator - W6LEX (for Civil Disaster Emergency Communications).

Being an honorary Daedalian and former Public Information Officer for the Civil Air Patrol, you can see that I support our military! My uncle is Lt. Col (Ret) Steve Russell, brigade commander of the hunt & capture of Saddam Hussein. Hoorah, ya'll. Now, he's our Oklahoma Congressman (House of Representatives, R).

A Two-Time Nominated Writer, I am a former Writer/Producer for ABC*TV and a Hollywood Screenwriting Alum.

I'm currently writing a historical war feature-film & a non-fiction spiritual growth book series.

I live a never-ending quest.

A quest for living life fully with purpose. I don't just survive each day, but I tame each day into victory with a positive attitude. I'm pro-active like that.

Living the dream with God as my Guide.

Writer by day. Dreamer by night. Friend in between.

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