Megan Greco

Boise, Idaho, United States

I am an active undergrad who is passionate about my community.

In high school I was the shy, quiet student who was never part of any group. I started college at 17, joined a sorority, and dropped out of college the next semester. I took some time off to work and moved to Oregon for a year. Once I came back to Boise I decided it was time to go back to school even if I was terrified - which I was. What I found was a supportive community that showed me that I could be successful not only as a student, but as a person.

In my time at CWI I have participated in clubs and served in their leadership, worked as a tutor, represented students as a Senator, Vice President, and am now running for President. I have helped develop a governance structure for clubs and organizations. I have spoken to classes, written and presented lectures, spoke at the Fall 2012 Idaho Archaeological Society Conference, and competed with the CWI Speech and Debate Team in both interpretive events and IPDA debate. My latest (and largest) project is to develop a full diversity program for students. This will include a speaker and film series, a diversity week, a group of resources, and Safe Zone training for all student leaders.

In my local community I have become involved in the Add the 4 Words Idaho campaign. This has been an 8 year long effort to ammend the Idaho Human Rights Act to include "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to protections against discriminations. As a young queer woman it is extremely important to know that these basic human rights be acknowledged and protected.

I have struggled with bipolar dissorder and PTSD for many years but have only recently recognized and accepted my need for help. Maintaining my level of involvement with my variety of emotions has proven to be very difficult. I have been asked many times why I do not cut back on my projects or "learn to say no". I believe I need to keep pushing through the paralyzing depression and harness my spurts of mania into productivity. In the end I will be stronger for it.

  • Education
    • College of Western Idaho