Megan Griffith

"I should be as simple as a little folk song: artlessly sensual, open-eyed." - Paul Klee

I'm a writer and former school librarian living in Portland, Oregon. I love words and stories and the people who make them come alive. Few things make me happier than filling my house with friends, lingering over good food, and leaving enough space for the meandering and meaningful conversations that tend to follow a good meal.

I grew up in the middle of California, spent four years studying English Literature at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. Following graduation, I moved to the middle of Oregon, where I spent five years in Bend, working as a school librarian. After five years growing the library program, putting systems into place, and organzing everything from databases to shelves, I left Bend and my little library for the rainy side of the mountains.

Portland encapsulates so many things I love: good food, a vibrant art and design scene, a thriving place for writers, and a general culture of creativity and innovation.

I am equal parts right-brained creative and left-brained stratetic. I love to write and create, organize and manage. I like making improvements to systems, adding a personal touch, visualizing the future and figuring out the steps to make those dreams a reality.

I occassionally share my writing at The C+ Life, a humor blog about lowering the bar. I am also spending the year 2013 asking 365 different people to draw me a sheep, partially inspired by The Little Prince and partially as a vehicle for interacting with people. I'm posting retroactively on Tumblr, but have 10 little Moleskine journals filled with the year's sheep drawings. So if you happen to meet me, chances are I'll hand over my journal and pen and ask you to draw a sheep, too.