Megan Held

I am an aspiring author and have self-published three novels. I am currently working on my 18th novel. I primarily write Mystery/Suspense, but have written YA and Sci-Fi/Thriller. I reside in Ontario, Canada and have a B.A. in English and Professional Writing and a Graduate Certificate in Public Relations.

Current self-published novels:

1440 (Young Adult, Suspense, Thriller, Horror)

Unknown Caller (Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, Detective)

Murder Never Dies (Detective, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller.)

Current works in progress:

Control Me (Thriller, Suspense, Science Fiction): being edited

The Selected sequel (Young Adult, Teen, Suspense, Dystopian, Thriller): being written

Access to e-book novels can be found through the following link and through any site ebooks are sold (excluding Amazon).

Print Novels can be found through the following links: