My husband and I recently became “child free by choice.” Well, that kind of sounds like we just got rid of some kids we had. We did not. We just made the decision to not have any kids.

When I tell people that we’ve chosen to live this way, I come across several reactions. Most are understanding and respectful of our decision, some are shocked (because we’d obviously be awesome parents), and some convey a sense of sadness, like they feel that we’re missing out on the greatest joy of life. I understand that parenthood is an amazing experience. I’m sure that children add a tremendous amount of worth to the lives of parents. But for us, we’re content to carry on with our lives as a couple in love, as parents to our silly and adorable goldendoodle, Zulu, and we will cherish the moments of being around the children of our friends and family members. We actually really do like kids-most of them, anyway.

Although I am a dedicated follower of several mom blogs, I feel that the blogosphere is somewhat lacking in terms of the lifestyle that we’ve chosen to lead. I’ve decided to fill in the gap.

Follow me for Wine Wednesdays, Fit Fridays, Pinterest projects galore, and our search to find people to take care of us when we're old. Any takers? And like any good pet mom, I’ll inundate you with photos of my dog and hopefully more furry creatures in the future. It might get a little old, but at least you'll never have to worry about me posting pictures of my kid next to a toilet with the caption "Sally finally went potty!!!"