Hello everyone! My name is Megan and my passion in life is healthy cooking and fitness. But I haven't always been the gym rat or worried about the food that I put in my body. Back in middle school and some of high school I was active in softball. It kept me pretty fit but i still didn't watch what I ate. So when I stopped playing softball my sophomore year in high school, the weight slowly started catching up. I was in ROTC 9th-12th grade, and I was on all the teams including the physical training team and again the weight just kept coming. I had my own office in ROTC and in my top drawer was where our instructor would hide the candy bars that our unit sold to make some money. Well what girl can resist chocolate. NOT ME! I am a huge chocoholic. So anytime i was hungry, I would just reach in the drawer, grab a chocolate bar, a bag of chips and a coke and eat it all in one sitting. that would happen probably 3 times a day. My big wake up call was when my weight reached to almost 180 pounds and i was a size 14! Starting my senior year I started to become more aware of my eating habits and I knew that wasn't enough. So i joined the gym and I lost about ten pounds. Fast forward 4 years later, and I have became obsessed with health and fitness! I've lost a total of 40+ pounds! Everyday I love learning something new about clean eating and working out. I am a certified personal trainer and a nutrition specialist. My goal is to compete one day in a figure competition. And nothing makes me happier than spreading my passion for clean eating and fitness to the others!

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