Megan Lamb

I'm Megan Lamb a recent graduate of Lee University. I have attained a B.S. in Human Development following a Masters in Teaching with certification in K-6th grade. I have been around kids my entire life. Throughout middle and high school I spent weekends and summers babysitting kids as well as planning church vacation bible schools and attending summer camps as a camp counselor. When I am with kids my life feels complete.

I have always found great joy in the heart and innocence of children. There is nothing more exhilirating than to watch as children explore and discover new things everyday. I love using hands on activities with my students to enage their minds on a new level, allowing them to expereince learning in a differnt an innovative way. I enjoy learning about better ways to educate this generation of children and meet their needs in a way that they can better relate. I hope my future classroom will be a place my students can call home, a place where they gain more knowledge to better prepare them for the world around them while making lasting memories they will cherish forever.

I am shaped and defined by my faith in God. My faith has carried me through some of the most challenging times in my life and helped me become the person I was called to be. Sometimes in the moment of struggle you aren stretched the most, I am thankful for all those moments! My husband and I are about to celebrate one year of marriage, he is my best friend and shows me daily what love truly is. My family is of utmost important to me. They have helped to guide me, encourage, love, pray daily for me and have always been my biggest cheerleaders and supporters.

Now that I have an undergraduate degree, as well as a Masters in teaching and a year of being a reading assistant, I am eager and excited to embark on my own teaching career path. I look forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of children while challenging my own growth and understanding of education. To learn more about me, click on the links below to view my online resume and Philosophy of Education.

I'm so thankful you stopped by! Have a blessed day.