Megan MacLeod

Bra, Italy

A long-time sustainability advocate with a passion for bringing change to the world through youth-focused interactive and dynamic educational experiences.

I’m a strong believer in the human right to health and nutrition that is not only adequate, but allows individuals, communities and environment to harmoniously thrive.

I'm on a journey that is allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of the connection and relationships between the environment, food, health and humanity.

I've been influenced by an increasingly wide range of experiences: from the corporate marketing focus to the perspective of foraging families in the isolated mountains of Albania, my view of the current state of the food system is a holistic, interdisciplinary and global vision that encompasses local values while realizing the value of technology and sharing ideas about the future of our world.

  • Education
    • Master Student: Food Culture & Communication
    • Bachelor of Science: Human Nutriton