Megan Lindsay


28 year old Engineer from small-town PA.

I recently started randomly blogging here.

I'm a work in progress, then again, we all are (or should be). Not your typical engineer: first of all, I'm female....and I like makeup...and non-nerdy stuff, like reading and technology...I mean...Nevermind? I love my niece, she makes me smile! She's the cutest little girl in the world, it's the truth and no one will ever make me think otherwise. I love all things Disney, especially Belle. I think I'm awesome, I mean I'd be my friend if I wasn't me? Speaking of, I absolutely love my friends, they complement my life perfectly. I love anything Fabulous, even if that means YOU! And last but not least, I'm still looking for my happy ending...but I'm enjoying the journey!

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  • Work
    • Engineer
  • Education
    • Industrial Engineering University of Pittsburgh
    • Mathematics Saint vincent College