Megan Lucero

Practitioner and Consultant

Megan Lucero

Practitioner and Consultant

Working at the intersection of systems change, community power and journalism

I'm an experienced director, strategist and fundraiser and an award-winning journalist and editor in the field of people-powered journalism.

I’m keen to work with and support newsrooms and civic organizations to build emergent programmes, design participatory processes and actualise inclusion and power-shifting.

CONTACT ME: [email protected]

Building emergent programmes

Want to develop cutting-edge, emergent teams and programmes that forge a new future for journalism and information providing?

→ Let’s build ambitious, transformational programmes that are people-powered, highly impactful and truly inclusive.

  • I designed, launched and ran Bureau Local, an award-winning newsroom and collaborative reporting network in the UK. The Bureau Local co-investigates underreported issues with marginalized communities to set the news agenda and spark change from the ground up.
  • I also developed The People’s Newsroom, a long-term infrastructure programme for diversifying and sustaining community journalism in the UK.

Designing participatory processes

Want to shift from top-down decision making? Ensure your work, funds or programmes are informed, shaped or even co-created by the very communities you want to serve?

→ Let’s design participatory methods that make the process easier and more equitable for everyone.

I’ve designed participatory investigations:

I’ve designed collective vision, manifesto and coalition building:

Actualising inclusion and power-shifting

Want to go beyond the tick-box and develop meaningful diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in your work? Or go even further and shift power to the communities you aim to serve?

→ Let’s actualise commitments to inclusion and shift power to develop equity and true belonging between our organizations and communities.