Megan Marburger

Orange County, CA

I am a tech loving biz-curious digerati with interests ranging from action movies to crafting and telling stories through integrated marketing campaigns. I am a self-professed nerd who geeks out about Joss Whedon, Las Vegas, and fast cars (that I cannot afford to own).

My professional experience spans geography, industry, and function with the underlying theme of delivering exceptional guest experiences by building programs and initiatives based on community desire (demand generation) and anticipating unexpressed needs.

I am a creative mind stuck in the body of a person who has tried but will never be able to draw, paint, or sculpt with traditional materials. I passionately learn to craft through pixel and code, but have learned to leverage my creativity to drive innovation, build programs, and oversee execution with those who can create.

Providing an excellent customer experience is of utmost importance to me. When working in the trenches of retail this included offering a smile and friendly conversation. I am passionate about finding ways to create smile-worthy moments by developing live events and digital experiences to tell my community’s story.

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  • Work
    • Center for Digital Transformation
  • Education
    • Bachelors in Business | Hotel and Restaurant Management