Megan Mattison

What can I say about me? My name is Megan my hobbies are Reading, and writing. I love to read. One of my favorite books is Crank and the Crank series. I like it because it's based on true stories, and it's real. It's not like those books where you know there will always be happy ending, it's very honest. I love writing about fiction and one day I will write a book, that is one of my dreams for the future. My other dream for the future is to become a Drug councelor I know how drugs can mess you up and make you feel dependant on them and I also know others who have messed up there life or are not where they want to be because of addiction. I want to help people, it doesn't matter what job I have really as long as I know that I am helping people, I want to make a difference in people's lives. That's most of the information about me, I don't have any favorite subjects, or many hobbies. I'm just me.

I live in Canada I think it's a great country, because were known as the peace country. I know it's not that peacful though. My Mom is my favorite person in the world because she sacrifice things for me and my sister and Nephew and has always tried to get me to do my best. I have 2 half sisters and one half brother, but I only know one sister and I love her. She is great to talk to usually and always helps me through things if I have a problem. I don't know my Father, but summer 2011 I met him for the first time, I don't like him. I have a wonderful baby Nephew 6 months old, he is the sweetest boy I've ever met. Last but not least there is my Boyfriend Taylor he's great and I love spending time with him, he makes me happy. That is my Life.