Megan Miller


Megan Miller is a student journalist at Stony Brook University with a concentration in visual journalism. Her expected graduation date is Fall 2016.

Megan is currently an assistant multimedia editor for The Statesman, Stony Brook University’s oldest student-run media organization to date. She assists in the production of photography and video and delegates weekly assignments to the multimedia staff. Prior to accepting this position in the Spring 2015 semester, she was a staff photographer.

In addition, Megan also works for the Stony Brook School of Journalism, where she reports and photographs events that are featured on the school’s website. During the Fall 2014 semester, Megan was hired at Stony Brook University’s Center for Inclusive Educationas the event photographer.

Megan is also working in collaboration with the Stony Brook University Program in Public Health to produce a commencement video that will be shown at the program’s May 2015 graduation ceremony honoring the department’s 10th anniversary.

When Megan is not fiddling with a camera or a keyboard, she can be found being sarcastic, watching a movie, eating ice cream, or teasing her cat.

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