Megan Faulkner

Knoxville, Tennessee

My name is Megan! I'm 19 years old. I grew up in a small town and still live there to this day. I come from a county where alot of people never even graduate high school. Some went and got their GED. My goal was to graduate high school and go to college. I will be finished with my goal September 2014

I graduated high school a month early in Novemenber 2012. Right after that I found the college I wanted to go to and enrolled! I started in January 2013 at Virginia College in Knoxville, Tenneesse. It has bein now over a year! I will be completly graduated from college in about four months. I have almost accomplished one of my biggest dreams.

In the near future I plan to further my career! I plan to go back to college and get my bachelor's degree as a registered nurse! I want to wait atleast a couple years before going back so I can get good in my career area as Medical Assistant. I can not wait to work with people and get them healthy and keep them that way!

  • Education
    • Virginia College School of Business and Health