Megan G. Johnson

I'm curious by nature. And drawn to everything tech. In a previous life I was a graphic designer. I take that back - every time I try to escape, something (or someone) keeps drawing me back in. I just might be a life-r. Dabbled in freelance, then worked in public relations. Currently, establishing a strong foot hold in the internet marketing arena. Secretly, I'm addicted to tech books. Always in learning mode. I would love to master my coding skills. A dog person by day and cat person by night. I've got the best of both with my sweet-faced dachshund. Hubby is concerned over my growing collection of kitschy wiener stuff. Admittedly, my celebration of wieners may be misplaced. When I'm not reading a tech book in the closet by flashlight, I'm sipping tea with a wiener dog in my lap while watching bad television.