Megan Pelfrey

Recruiter, Social Media Manager, and Student in California

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I'm an Orange County girl with some Utah experience and live quite the comical life. I thought it would be fun to document the slices of my soul (Like a pizza only with more veggies). My brain runs a million miles an hour and I am always learning/doing something new. I thought, why not share these funnies with you?

I'm gluten free (not by choice) and prefer no dairy but do love cheese. I am a full blown LEO so you can count on me having every single trait it says when you Google the Leo astrological sign.

I believe in taking advantage of life, and have a lot of great people in this aMEGAzing life,to show me how to "Live it to the fullest" as they say, makes me one lucky girl.

I run by the motto "Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen" and "Do one thing each day that makes your heart smile". I'm an honest person and want to share my findings with you whether it is about relationships, love, travel, recipes, fashion, friendships, and even family (which include fur babies, of course). Side note, you will not see perfect grammar and punctuation as I am not an English major. Happy Relishing!