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We live and experience life the only way we know how, through ourselves. Seems simple and obvious yes, but yet we seem to lose sight that life is what WE make it. We go through many ups and downs, and sometimes we spend more time worrying than seizing the day and seeing the great things life has to offer! Every time I went through a hardship, I waited for something to come along, for things to get better, but one day I had a realization. To be who you want to be, you have to know what you want and achieve it yourself. Sure you can have support and love along the way but in the end it comes down to you. We all go through tough times, but to get through it we have to look within ourselves to change, and discover what we need and want in our lives. When it comes down to your life it's up to us (one person, ourselves) to live it. It's me alone and no one else, it's "mono" meg that has to live her life. So thank you for reading and I hope you embrace and enjoy the mono perspective!

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