Megan Prelinger

San Francisco

Co-founder and information designer of the Prelinger Library, an independent, experimental research library that is a creative workshop as well as a research space. Check the hours on the library's website and visit us when you're in San Francisco.

As a cultural historian I study all kinds of things: the future of reading, overlooked collaborations between artists and scientists, the history of electronics and my particular favorite: the history of space flight. My most recent book is here: Inside the Machine: Art and Invention in the Electronic Age (W.W.Norton), and there's a link to my author website below.

As part of the Prelinger Library and Archives working group, I've co-authored, with Rick Prelinger and Stacy Kozakavich, a series of five atlases of Bay Area regional history for the Exploratorium. They can be browsed in the Exploratorium's Bay Observatory gallery.

I write and speak on all my areas of research and practice. I'm also a naturalist and lead monthly birding walks for San Francisco Nature Education.