Megan Ryder-Maki

My name is Meg Ryder-Maki and I'm sixteen years old. I'm currently studying A-Levels and I secured 11 GCSEs. I am part American, part English and part Finnish. My father lives in North America however I am a born and raised English gal with a passion for the arts and psychology. The main reason I'm creating this page is for a bit of background information about me for my blog I have suffered with severe acne since I was eleven years old. For five years, I have been prescribed with various creams, antibiotics and useless treatments which sadly haven't done a thing. In fact, my acne has become worse over the years, leaving me feeling self-conscious, depressed and isolated. However, I have finally been referred to a dermatologist. I am currently on 'Isotretinoin' also known as 'Roaccutane' which is, so far, a miracle.

Moving on from the shortest description of my acne journey, I have always wanted to start a blog but have felt that I lack any form of originality. I adore beauty blogs and hope to add an aspect of it into my own however instead, for the new year I have decided to document all of my experiences with my skin for something to look back on and hoping to help some others while I do so. Throughout the past five years I have also discovered wondrous products, overrated products and a lifestyle which can change anyone's skin. Therefore, hopefully I can help some other people by sharing my own experiences.