Megan Allyce Snider

I have been impassioned about the poetry ever since I was a child. My first memory includes writing a short story and illustrating a comic to go with it I am a native of Muscatine, Iowa. That happens to be coined as the "Pearl City of the Mississippi River" and the one and same town so moving immortalized in Mark Twain's poignant observations of the seasonal reds and blues of the Easter egg like sunsets. I now reside in the Deep South region with my small band of relatives. Since I have no extended family here, my immediate family has become close knit and I have taken to exploring the linguistic and historical wisdom that the south has to offer-- which is much different from my Midwestern German heritage. I suppose it is this same heritage that lends itself so well to my aggressive and sometimes ramming and brutal writing style-- which not everyone is thrilled by.

My experience with writing includes receiving two awards in the R.U.M. Poetry Contest at Jacksonville State University in two consecutive years. Aside from that I have a host of upper level and advanced placement English grammar ad literature classes as well as close to thirty hours in graduate school. I have also completed numerous 15 page thesis papers. Many of them focus on class systems as explored in Marxism that are transposed then into the framework of feminism. I have tackled binary roles and gender in the works of Jack London, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Franz Kafka, Susan Hill, Margaret Atwood, Lord Byron, and many others. I intend for "Something Wicked" to be a collection of someof my more fierce and stronger works which I am currently piecing together like a Frankestein made of poetry when I have a moment to do so. None of these works have been published elsewhere before.

Career-wise, I have been a freelance writer since 2009 for publications such as AOL and Demand Media. Demand Media then distributed my articles to websites such as Ehow and Answer Bag, to name a few. I have also previously served as an online adjunct professor at Ashford University where I taught literary issues and elements and graded papers.

I want to encourage other writers.

I am also an sketch artist. I have been drawing from a young age. As I mentioned above, one of my earliest memories is drawing and writing my own comic book.

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