Megan Spell

When I first moved from a giant public middle school in Raleigh, North Carolina, to a tiny private prep school in Savannah Georgia, you could say I was less than pleased. Coming into a class of 65 kids in eighth grade, I wouldn't exactly describe them as welcoming. It took me a long time to even have a friend or two, and I didn't even really click in with a group of people until my Junior year in high school. But That year I made a lot of new friends that I wouldn't trade for the world, and that lead into our senior class as a whole becoming a really close grade. I watched as a group of stuck up private school middle schoolers turned into one of the closest group of people who did really well to get along with as many people as possible. And I went from the eighth grade loner, isolated and ignored, to the Student Body President senior year. If you had told me when I first went to Savannah Country Day School that I would end up really appreciating the experience, not just for academics but for community, I would not have believed it. But to this day I miss and love everyone in this picture, and will always remember how this group of people affected my growth as a person.