Megan Walters


no one will ever bother reading this but meg. i have anorexia nervosa. it all started when i was 12. you see, im a dancer and i loved it so much! i was so fit and healthy and loved every minute! i was getting lead rolls and at the front line. i had a happy and healthy family and everything was going great in life. then i found anorexia videos on youtube and came obsessed with them! i looked at there bodys and thought that is soo nice! then i thought well i wont go on a diet ill just eat healthy and do a bit more exercise. so i did but long story short i started throwing my lunch away at school and missing dinner but still doing a lot of exercise. this went on for a few months and i lost a stone! my mum knew things were bad so she took me to the doctors and he weighed me and said i was really underweight and i said ok okay ill stop dieting....but i coudent. i came even more obsessed with food and calories and exercise and the weight was dropping off me. so my mum took me back to the doctors and he dinnt diagnose me but referred me to camhs but the waiting list was long and things got out of hand and a few weeks later i wasent eaten anything at all. it came to a point were i just slept the whole day and could not move. i was having muscle cramps where i was losing muscle and couldent walk with out collapsing. so my mum had enough and took me straight to hospital...there i was put on a drip and had meeting with camhs and had an assessment with the inpatient team and they decided that i needed an ng tube (feeding tube) and that i need to go straight to the ip unit to start treatment with them. so i got the tube which was horrible! and then when i finally felt up to eating again(due to other reasons) they took the tube out after about a week and then i was taken to the mental hospital. there i spent 2 weeks on chair rest. 2 months without going home. eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. i became depressed but once i got leave and i got to go home for a bit then my depression became better. they was a lot of bad times in the ip unit like being restrained but i will talk about that on my post sometime....then after 6 months in the ip unit i was discharged! at a healthy weight. now i struggle with day to day life with anorexia and i still go outpatient. sadly at the mo things are not good but i will express my feelings on here. so yeah theres my story.....oh and i was diagnosed with anorexia in general hosp. btw im 13 years old :)

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