Mega Trife

Boston area native (BROCKTON, MA to be specific), MC and songwriter. Has worked with respected hip-hop artists such as M.O.P., Termanology, Nature, Von Pea, Blu and more. The 2011 song 'Anything You Heard About' generated buzz for Trife and his producer Nonsense as the lead single for their forthcoming album 'Full Circle.' This will be the second release for the pair following their critically acclaimed but slept on debut 'Proof of Life.' Mega Trife and Nonsense are a pair who have taken a look backward in order to move forward. Their sound hearkens back to the hip-hop production of the early and mid-90s while still able to retain a fresh sound. The samples used in the production, allude to the days of Low End Theory, which was in itself a look back toward 1980's hip-hop. Following Trife's collaborative effort with Nonsense will be a solo album featuring production from new and upcoming producers such as Rashid Hadee, King Midas of H.I.S.D., and Scotland producer Scifi Stu. Trife's work has already been featured on and as well as numerous internet and college radio shows throughout the country.