Meg Burrows

Coach and Mom in St. Louis, Missouri

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I'm a fairly new coach with a lot to learn. I loved competing in track in high school and college, and I couldn't ask for anything better than to be outside all spring with my students.

It's an absolute privilege to shiver in the cold, hunker down in the rain, and run back and forth between high jump and pole vault to see my kids discover the joy of jumping and competing for their teammates.

I've been a teacher, an engineer, a carpenter/pile driver, and a volunteer and project manager. Each role helped prepare me for coaching.

Sometimes I'm an advocate, sometimes a logistical organizer, sometimes an equipment engineer, sometimes just a friend. I'm blessed to work alongside fantastic coaches with all different styles who respect me and help me learn.

I started writing because when I leave the track, I don't stop thinking about track. I want to explore the layers of relationships, the psychology of performance, and the opportunities for personal growth in my athletes (and in me!). If you're into that too, I'd love to hear from you!